School Health Check

Quickly assess your school’s performance. Be ready for an inspection at anytime and show regulators, governors and inspectors how your school has improved overtime through our ongoing support services. The areas we can provide support in (but not limited to) are:


Pre-Inspection health check and preparation for Ofsted

  • Consisting of a two or three day extensive review assessing the schools performance against the current Ofsted Framework and National benchmarks. A mini pre-inspection review can include, but not exclusively:

- A review of the schools systems for self-evaluation and analysis including performance data, work sampling, lesson observations and discussions with staff and students.

- Working with senior and middle leaders looking at all aspects of assessment and self-evaluation including lesson drop-ins, joint observations and learning walks focusing on specific areas of teaching and learning.


School performance and data analysis

  • Planning for progress through effective lesson preparation using available information and data on individual students.
  • A forensic analysis of your schools data to identify trends and areas of development.
  • Ensure differentiated learning with sufficient levels of stretch and challenge for all groups of students.


Assessment and reporting strategies

  • Effective assessment and feedback to support outstanding teaching and learning.
  • Assess the level of a student’s work accurately against set outcomes and criteria.
  • Providing constructive feedback and appropriate time for review and reflection.
  • Moderate a subject or department's assessment.


Developing improvement strategies

  • Working alongside senior and middle leaders in identifying areas of development and set out strategic action plans.
  • Provide support and guidance in bringing about effective change and rapid improvement.


Departmental reviews

  • Carrying out an in depth review of a specific department or a particular area of the school that requires further development.
  • Working with staff to understand the issues and concerns; outlining an effective improvement action plan.

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