Why Choose TLTP Leadership Support Services?

All members of our team are education professionals; mostly Headteachers and senior leaders, Ofsted Inspectors and Local Authority School Improvement Advisors. As such, we have all experienced a variety of external experts visiting our schools telling us how the job should be done and how they would do it better if they were in charge.

Our approach is very different. We much prefer to work in a non-threatening, coaching capacity so that the staff we work with gain the confidence and the experience to deal with challenging or difficult situations in a way that suits them best. We know that we have done our job well when our clients are able to work effectively when we have left their schools. However, we are always at the end of the phone whenever you need us.

The service we give to our clients is totally unique. We will quickly assess their needs and then work closely with them to design a bespoke programme that is specifically targeted towards what is best for them rather than what is easiest for us to deliver. Once we have agreed a suitable plan of action with clearly identified outcomes, we promise to keep our clients fully informed of our progress every step of the way and once we have finished, our comprehensive after care service means that we will always be available if and when required.


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